To cook up something big  for the so-called Anniversary(march) issue, Bazaar has done a jan-feb joined issue. Though it’s been almost two weeks since it’s been out, I just happen to take out time for it. Lisa Haydon is on the cover and this is supposedly Bazaar’s first ever Model-on-the-cover issue in India. Lisa looks little odd on the cover, but then I have never been a fan of the Bazaar covers. From what I have always seen the rest of the photographs of the cover story are as usual better than the cover.

here’s looking at Lisa,

BUT I love the insides, I really do like the stories, now that I have started reading them on akansha’s recommendation :P

Anyways today I happen to read a spread by carol on the NEW fashion jargons that are made staple this season. And I wanted to write about them too and have added some that I have come across these days, though the list is endless since jargons define the times we live in( i feel) so here’s the starting:-

Authority: adj. Used to describe opulence. Best pronounced as “Authoritaaaay”, [used by Andre Leon in The September Issue]

Cozy: a Shawl wrap jacket that can be worn in as many ways that u can think of. A Donna Karan creation. (Something I truly want)

Coatigan: A shaggy structured coat in knitwear.( I wouldn’t mind this too )

Demicouture: n. pieces too expensive to mass-produce but did not meet the strict couture rules about hand-stitching and numbers of fitting. A term coined for Oliver Theyskens, which reminds me that I have to dedicate numerous posts to him and him only coz I think he’s truly divine. See it for yourself.

Fugly: adj. A fusion of “fucking” and “ugly. Popularized most probably by the blog “Go fug yourself”.

I Die. V. what happens when you encounter something so phenomenally stunning you feel as if you may, in fact, die. coined by Rachel Zoe.

Jeggings: leggings which look like denims

Mousers:  leather leggings with boots attached.

Shooties: a cross between sandals and boots. (Something that both akansha and me <3)

Shress: A sheer dress

Skorts: A mix of divided skirt and shorts

Snood: A tubular muffler worn around the neck like a neck piece.

TTD: A garment which can be worn as tunic/tee/dress. Coined by Rouland Mouret.

TFFF: Too Fat For Fashion (like me :( )


Be stupid

Diesel launches the “Be Stupid” campaign.

Diesel’s new marketing campaign, based on the brand’s Be Stupid manifesto. The campaign’s posters were shot by photographers Kristin Vicari, Melodie McDaniel and Chris Buck. It might be funny to look at photos of people doing “stupid” things, but is this really all there is to this campaign?

The campaign itself seems boring, nothing new! Even the shirts look like Tantra T-shirts with stupid slogans on its front.  Don’t ask how i know about them.

Romancing the future

We love the future. The unforeseen and the untold has always excited the mankind. we want to know more about it, predict it, portray it. Now it has even hit our runway and the couture, with each McQueen runway theatricality becoming a workmanship of an engineer. This time it’s the couture. Chanel which i had the least expectancy of ever doing anything futuristic has done a whole collection of silver suits with pastels.

A mix of romanticism with space age. It is the first time Karl has designed a collection without black and navy, with not a single gold button.

Even Valentino this time has done something that one would never expect. With the central theme as the garden of eden in the cyberworld. The models looked none the less eve like, all in pastels but like an eve of 2050.

The Sheer chiffon and bodycon dresses made the girls look very feminine but the construction was such that it had huge similarities with Balenciaga. They had Balenciaga like asymmetric constructed bodycon dresses and bandage legged trousers. I mean just look at it, i wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t been’s coverage :/

But what actually took my fancy were the philip tracy designed see through ribbons that were on the models eyes and had the knot at back flying beautifully.

All this reminds me of the stop motion/flash movie that we made as a college assignemnt which had a space trooper saving the damsel in distress from the alien. Futuristic love story was our theme  for that :P

P.S. : wish you all a romantic future ahead <3

Alice in Paris

Paris’ Printemps a fashion and luxury brand departmental store in Paris,  is dedicating its windows to Alice and it’s Wonderland from February 1 to March 13, with special dresses designed for the occasion by Haider Ackermann, Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen, and Maison Martin Margiela, and special shoes from Nicholas Kirkwood.Manish arora is also one of the fated ones.

they look like porcelain beauties, and the realisation is just perfect :)

Apart from this there is Margeila’s upside down Alice, Ann Demeulemeester’s grey shades of alice, and the dutchess of Haider Ackermann to look but i barely like them.

what I am looking forward to is Manish Arora and McQueen’s Alice.

A good start

Just today with when i wrote my first post of my new blog, Alexander Wang  released his first ever Ad campaign for SS 2010.

Dan Jackson shot Hannah Holman for the T by Alex Wang posters, and though they were originally meant to be lookbooks for editors and stores, he’s changed his mind. Now instead of mailing the black and white posters, he’ll plaster them across the city. I think these will look great on billboards.

wat’s up ?

In my fourth year at NIFT pursuing fashion communication.  And nowadays interning at Harper’s Bazaar India. Today it’s been 4 weeks and i still feel as i have just joined today, it’s so exciting working at a fashion magazine that I never want to stop working for them. Even though the said working hours are 10 to 6 ,, I always end up working there for 12 hours each day. It does gets tiring but thrilling all the same. and this happens to be their first Anniversary issue so all this adds up to the excitement :D

It still feels like am dreaming ,, me actually working for Harper’s. And it almost feels like home coz of the mini  NIFT family that exists there . there is Varun Rana, the fashion editor,  Sonam chawla, the stylist, and Mohit the junior stylist, all three from NIFT.  We have our editor “Sujata Assomull”, of whom am still starstruck, she’s a true Bazaar women. then there is Nishaat, the cooperating editor stern but fair.

The first week started of with researching over the trends. I had so much fun doing it ,,i researched and found the common trends between the designers. And i did that before the styledotcom report,  some of them are gonna be in the harper’s trend pages,, YIPEEE!!

Hello world!

today,,i start

after much ado about it..

i wont restrict it to anything particular but write about almost anything i fancy, and what fancies me

hoping to stay loyal to it too ;)