Romancing the future

We love the future. The unforeseen and the untold has always excited the mankind. we want to know more about it, predict it, portray it. Now it has even hit our runway and the couture, with each McQueen runway theatricality becoming a workmanship of an engineer. This time it’s the couture. Chanel which i had the least expectancy of ever doing anything futuristic has done a whole collection of silver suits with pastels.

A mix of romanticism with space age. It is the first time Karl has designed a collection without black and navy, with not a single gold button.

Even Valentino this time has done something that one would never expect. With the central theme as the garden of eden in the cyberworld. The models looked none the less eve like, all in pastels but like an eve of 2050.

The Sheer chiffon and bodycon dresses made the girls look very feminine but the construction was such that it had huge similarities with Balenciaga. They had Balenciaga like asymmetric constructed bodycon dresses and bandage legged trousers. I mean just look at it, i wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t been’s coverage :/

But what actually took my fancy were the philip tracy designed see through ribbons that were on the models eyes and had the knot at back flying beautifully.

All this reminds me of the stop motion/flash movie that we made as a college assignemnt which had a space trooper saving the damsel in distress from the alien. Futuristic love story was our theme  for that :P

P.S. : wish you all a romantic future ahead <3


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