wat’s up ?

In my fourth year at NIFT pursuing fashion communication.  And nowadays interning at Harper’s Bazaar India. Today it’s been 4 weeks and i still feel as i have just joined today, it’s so exciting working at a fashion magazine that I never want to stop working for them. Even though the said working hours are 10 to 6 ,, I always end up working there for 12 hours each day. It does gets tiring but thrilling all the same. and this happens to be their first Anniversary issue so all this adds up to the excitement :D

It still feels like am dreaming ,, me actually working for Harper’s. And it almost feels like home coz of the mini  NIFT family that exists there . there is Varun Rana, the fashion editor,  Sonam chawla, the stylist, and Mohit the junior stylist, all three from NIFT.  We have our editor “Sujata Assomull”, of whom am still starstruck, she’s a true Bazaar women. then there is Nishaat, the cooperating editor stern but fair.

The first week started of with researching over the trends. I had so much fun doing it ,,i researched and found the common trends between the designers. And i did that before the styledotcom report,  some of them are gonna be in the harper’s trend pages,, YIPEEE!!


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