To cook up something big  for the so-called Anniversary(march) issue, Bazaar has done a jan-feb joined issue. Though it’s been almost two weeks since it’s been out, I just happen to take out time for it. Lisa Haydon is on the cover and this is supposedly Bazaar’s first ever Model-on-the-cover issue in India. Lisa looks little odd on the cover, but then I have never been a fan of the Bazaar covers. From what I have always seen the rest of the photographs of the cover story are as usual better than the cover.

here’s looking at Lisa,

BUT I love the insides, I really do like the stories, now that I have started reading them on akansha’s recommendation :P

Anyways today I happen to read a spread by carol on the NEW fashion jargons that are made staple this season. And I wanted to write about them too and have added some that I have come across these days, though the list is endless since jargons define the times we live in( i feel) so here’s the starting:-

Authority: adj. Used to describe opulence. Best pronounced as “Authoritaaaay”, [used by Andre Leon in The September Issue]

Cozy: a Shawl wrap jacket that can be worn in as many ways that u can think of. A Donna Karan creation. (Something I truly want)

Coatigan: A shaggy structured coat in knitwear.( I wouldn’t mind this too )

Demicouture: n. pieces too expensive to mass-produce but did not meet the strict couture rules about hand-stitching and numbers of fitting. A term coined for Oliver Theyskens, which reminds me that I have to dedicate numerous posts to him and him only coz I think he’s truly divine. See it for yourself.

Fugly: adj. A fusion of “fucking” and “ugly. Popularized most probably by the blog “Go fug yourself”.

I Die. V. what happens when you encounter something so phenomenally stunning you feel as if you may, in fact, die. coined by Rachel Zoe.

Jeggings: leggings which look like denims

Mousers:  leather leggings with boots attached.

Shooties: a cross between sandals and boots. (Something that both akansha and me <3)

Shress: A sheer dress

Skorts: A mix of divided skirt and shorts

Snood: A tubular muffler worn around the neck like a neck piece.

TTD: A garment which can be worn as tunic/tee/dress. Coined by Rouland Mouret.

TFFF: Too Fat For Fashion (like me :( )


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