Vanity intact

Vanity fair’s March issue features nine fresh, pale faces of Hollywood on its cover.

They are 9 new faces and i only know two of them Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, and Up in the Air’s Anna Kendrick ( who also plays kirsten’s friend in twilight).

They are “the new Hollywood” for a new decade, according to the cover line.But what is very intriguing about the cover is that the way they have balanced the photograph with keeping the raven haired girls at both the ends balncing the image  (colour blocked :P )

Also keeping the Oscar-buzzed Kendrick  inside the fold. (Because they couldn’t have two Twilight actresses on the main cover and Kristen is the bigger sell? Or because brunette hair was needed to balance out the image? I only had to look at the photo seven times before I detected the hair color pattern… It does actually balance out the photo, doesn’t it?)

Another cover which is,,,, well you decide ,,, is this month Vogue India cover

cover girl: sarah Jessica Parrker

But what bothers me actually is that the cover is a reprint, still excusable but if i tell you that it’s not even a reprint of any vogue but “Glamour” Magazine. then how would you feel ? It is not even like it’s a great cover or something that they are reprinting it,, what were they thinking ????

information sources: Akanksha Srivastava


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