Trend Watch

While researching trends for the what to wear guide i researched the trends for the SS 2010. While this season has been high on shine with many designers using sequins and metallic’s in their collection, a trend which is a trickle of last season, it also had it’s grunge with distressed collection by balmain which is to die for.

But the biggest trend which has hit and is here to stay are the prints, YES !! they are back with full bloom, and this time they are really powerful, with prints ranging from small florals to digital. While Dior, Zac Posen and armani are some of the designers which had floral in their collections, the digital could be seen at McQueen, Versace and many others, here’s a look:-

Other trend to watch out for are BRIGHTS,, not only are they fresh, they are by Dior, Versace and many more. Promising not a single dull day,, the brights are here to stay !

then we had designers who had indian influences and brought the tie n dye and ikat to its full modern usage.

some other wardrobe staples of the season would be the the sheer fabrics and the pastels being spring summer. something else that was often seen were the drapes, iconic in that being the Burbery collection which had light pastel skirts and dresses in twisted drapes coiled along the body.

other trends that were there is the inner wear also termed by Elle mag as the Boudouir, all lace net and silk negligee as the trend for the summers, will be posting style boards for that soon .

till then ,, enjoy these :)

P.S :  So much to blog, so little time.


3 thoughts on “Trend Watch

  1. Forecast is like a connector which connects last season with coming season, trends and fads of common people to that of designers.
    But it can be seen as other way too. What forecaster do is just document the trends and stories followed by classic designers like Versace, Mcqueen and so on in the last season. Then based on these trends they make their prediction, which are like maybe. Rather going through the trends which are popular in common people. So it is not reliable. It is just used to promote some designers. Thats why such forecast comes where we just mention designers style. The result is that we see only few designers name in and out through out the forecast.
    Making it difficult for new names to make a mark!

    • well a forecast is never biased toward any particular designer, it just cant be. Since the forecasting is done before and the collections are then based around those, so promoting someone,, is not possible !
      And this on the other hand are trend report not forecasting. forecasting is a study of a lot of things apart from just last season’s fashion itself, and by that i mean the culture, climate and psyche of the people of that place. Though the forecast of one country can’t be exactly the same as the other, The Indian market in some attires follows the western markets.
      where as a trend report only shows the prevalent trends and common inspirations among the designers and this has no bias, Proenza being a fairly new brand is mentioned where it should be and definitely has made a niche for itself.

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