Let’s be thankful to him

McQueen with his last womenswear collection had us focused so intently on the future that it was so shocking to hear of his tragic death at the age of 40. With his elaborate sets, creative choreography, and ability to shock and awe, he knew how to put on a show. And make the crowds give him a speechless standing ovation every time he showcased.

Seeing all those photographs of his works that I had saved in folders for inspiration seemed works of art. We all should be eternally indebted to Alexander McQueen for immersing us in experiences that have burned themselves on our memories for life. From his earliest days in London he made the near-impossible happen before our very eyes. His shows were theatrical performances, masterpieces presented as per his musings, and the sights that unfolded would knock the breath out of you, sent adrenaline streaming through your veins and chills shooting up your spine.

Not only a loss to the world of fashion but to creativity in all it’s rich incarnations, Lee McQueen was so much more than just a Fashion Designer, he was a Master Weaver of daring Dark Dreams, the spinner of Fairy Tales. Doing away with boundaries & beyond, inspiring all who came into contact with him & his work no matter how brief or fleeting, to allow themselves to reach greater plateaus of innovation & dare to make their impossible dreams a reality.

The gaping hole left behind seems just too great to fill.

For those of us left behind, we should consider ourselves inordinately privileged to have borne witness to such a beautiful raging, promiscuous talent & beyond lucky in the fact that Inspiration doesn’t have a Sell-By date.

For that I am eternally grateful.

Long Live McQueen!!


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