This Will Destroy You

Well literally speaking and I’ll tell you later, Why ?
But first i need to introduce you to Anastasia Radevich, Canadian shoe designer. She’s one of the most creative shoe designers of today. Though you might not find her designs wearable but her designs are simply stunning and apply dramatic techniques to cobbling. She just launched her latest collection called “The Lost Civilization”. Apart from the immaculate make of her pieces what really caught my eye was this particular piece. It was the use of typography in such a stellar way.

The double entendre adds to the glory of the shoe, the startling sentence ‘This will destroy you‘ was Radevich’s choice of words.

Apart from the statement it makes the shoe does looks quite practical to wear (you wouldn’t raise your eyebrows if u have heard of Mr.Noritaka Tatehana) Now as to why this is out to destroy you is because this line of shoes are her way of bringing attention to the tar sand mining operation going on in Canada. As you know this action could lead to some devastating and irreversible damage to our climate. The prints are representative of something that is going on environmentally in Canada, though looking at it without that information you could also say it looks like some kind of abstract painting. Or less of an abstract painting and more of an apocalyptic landscape. I really like that fact that she has moved ahead of just the shock factor of it and gone on to design something that opens people’s eyes on a serious matter.
Though this one piece is just one part to an enormously drool worthy collection.

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You can know more about the environmental impact here