About her

Her. Also known among her some friends as the “girl with the fancy camera”. I’ll tell you about her. She’s a 21 year-old girl who still sometimes gets scolded by her parents like she’s five.  She’s studying at NIFT, Delhi.  She likes traveling, the sea, the hills, sleeping, dreaming, dressing up or out and of-course fashion, can’t forget about the fashion. Nowadays she has nothing to else to do but pester people with her vain talks of fashion.  So that’s what she’ll write about. Her thoughts, wonders, inspirations and adventures. She has a weak spot for shoes, clothes, books, well-dressed(necessarily cute) boys, little trinkets and cliches. She loves to draw and secretly wishes to illustrate a book, but poor girl just cant draw to save her life. She loves colour, all of them. And just recently she has taken to blogging and is all enthu-cutlet (as ambika puts it) about it. It doesn’t matter to her if anyone’s reading it, she’s just busy writing :)

4 thoughts on “About her

  1. As it said,
    LOVE = Let Obstacles Vanish Effortlessly,
    So I put it in simple words…you are good,
    or actually tempting and difficult to avoid.
    waiting for u at your Neverland.

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