Anonymous Indian


It was an anonymous who was gang raped on the 16th of Dec.

An anonymous who stood up, protested and demanded justice at India Gate on 23th of Dec.

An anonymous that was beaten up and trodden upon by the police like a culprit cause in this country you can get raped but can’t protest.

An anonymous that retaliated by this anarchy, stood ground and didn’t falter.

An anonymous who died, but lit a flame that will burn on.

Anonymous who could have been you?

It’s for that anonymous that we still strive for justice and for change.

photo courtesy: NDTV photos


Nerd Boyfriend

clockwise: Jack Nicholson, Truman Capote, Lucian Freud, Bruce Springsteen.
Ever wish your boyfriend or husband dressed just like your favorite silver screen icon, childhood celebrity crush, or musician? That just may easily happen now that Roxana Altamirano, of Nerd Boyfriend, has transformed her admiration of classic male personalities into an online shopping guide. Genius! Check it out here . . .

Towards Minimalism

The latest news one hears from all these fashion dailies is that Raf Simmons has been named as the artistic director at Dior.

And not only him Jil Sander, Hedi Slimane and Stefano Pilati – four celebrated designers have shifted places over the past few months. To make things easier for you i have found this amazing musical chair diagram by Laura Bradley.

Fashion Musical Chairs 2012 Diagram by Laura Bradley

Whilst John Galliano’s inspiring design and aesthetic contribution to the house’s rich history will not be forgotten, it feels like the right time for the Dior brand to move away from extravagent runway shows and a somewhat theatrical aesthetic. Dior’s new era will be minimalistic no doubt. Cue the epic fashion face-off! It’s hard not to compare Simons and Slimane: both have designed highly-regarded, sleek, modern, minimalist menswear–Simons with his eponymous line and Slimane at Dior Homme. And now they find themselves at two of the biggest fashion houses in Paris under the two biggest French fashion conglomerates. And Philo, with her forward-thinking, minimal approach to women’s ready to wear, definitely shares a fan base with Simons and Slimane. And, given the influence of these three labels, modernity and minimalism are probably going to be big for spring 2013 all around.

Small Island, Big Talent

March 31 marked the launch of the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum’s hotly anticipated “British Design 1948-2012: Innovation in the Modern Age” exhibit, a showcase of design triumphs spanning the worlds of art, architecture, interiors, and, yes, fashion.
Celebrating the best of British post-war art and design from the 1948 ‘Austerity Games’ to the summer of 2012. Over 300 British design objects highlight significant moments in the history of British design and how the country continues to nurture artistic talent and be a world leader in creativity and design.

From spring 2012 the V&A celebrates the opening of the newly renovated Fashion Galleries with an exhibition of beautiful ballgowns, red carpet evening dresses and catwalk showstoppers. Displayed over two floors, ‘Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950’ will feature more than sixty designs for social events such as private parties, royal balls, state occasions and opening nights. The exhibition will cover over sixty years of a strong British design tradition that continues to flourish. Eveningwear from the V&A’s vast collection, by designers including Victor Stiebel, Zandra Rhodes, Jonathan Saunders and Hussein Chalayan, will be on show alongside dresses fresh from the catwalk shows of Alexander McQueen, Giles Deacon, Erdem and Jenny Packham.

Alexander McQueen,AW 2009
Horn of Plenty collection.

A dress made of LED lights from the autumn/winter 2007 Hussein Chalayan collection.

Silk Organza orchid hat by Philip Treacy

A selection of royal ballgowns will be on display, including a Norman Hartnell gown designed for Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Princess Diana’s ‘Elvis Dress’ designed by Catherine Walker and gowns worn by today’s young royals. Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950 will also include dresses worn by actresses and celebrities including Elizabeth Hurley, Bianca Jagger and Sandra Bullock, and a stunning metallic leather dress created especially for the exhibition by innovative designer Gareth Pugh.
From Mary Quant’s iconic minidresses and ankle boots offering a glimpse of ’60s-era Swinging London, while a tattered “Anarchy in the U.K.” T-shirt designed by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren and worn by Sex Pistols rocker Johnny Rotten is a souvenir from the punk period of the late ’70s.

Running until August 12, the exhibit also includes more modern pieces like Hussein Chalayan’s LED dress for Swarovski from 2007, as well as textiles from the likes of Laura Ashley and Zandra Rhodes.

Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown designed by Norman Hartnell

Princess Diana’s ‘Elvis Dress’ designed by Catherine Walker

Highstreet shoppers in Mary Quant’s exhibitionist mini skirt

Anarchy in the UK T-shirt, by Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm McLaren, 1977-8, worn and altered by Johnny Rotten.

Coat designed by Alexander McQueen, Courtesy of David Bowie

Real Fantasies & Pastiches…

Prada presents her collection “Prada Spring Fantasy 2012” over bonding, overlays and vintage inspirations. An aesthetic success! 
Exploring the nostalgia of hot rodding, golfing, picnicking, the space race, and other wholesome past times. Told through a sequence of 100% handmade collages – continuing the new trend of hancraftsmanship started last season.The real fantasies is a palimpsest of photography that pulls the reader into a realm of hyper reality. And serves as perfect backdrop for Miuccia’s 50’s americana inspired collection.

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The innovative campaign is shot by Phil Meech and artworks are done by Jereon Koolhaas and Lok Jansen. The latter two had fun with collages, overlays and fonts for an effect, retro homage can be seen in the artworks.   

And just because Prada does things well, there is also a video by James Lima performed on the same graphics.

This Will Destroy You

Well literally speaking and I’ll tell you later, Why ?
But first i need to introduce you to Anastasia Radevich, Canadian shoe designer. She’s one of the most creative shoe designers of today. Though you might not find her designs wearable but her designs are simply stunning and apply dramatic techniques to cobbling. She just launched her latest collection called “The Lost Civilization”. Apart from the immaculate make of her pieces what really caught my eye was this particular piece. It was the use of typography in such a stellar way.

The double entendre adds to the glory of the shoe, the startling sentence ‘This will destroy you‘ was Radevich’s choice of words.

Apart from the statement it makes the shoe does looks quite practical to wear (you wouldn’t raise your eyebrows if u have heard of Mr.Noritaka Tatehana) Now as to why this is out to destroy you is because this line of shoes are her way of bringing attention to the tar sand mining operation going on in Canada. As you know this action could lead to some devastating and irreversible damage to our climate. The prints are representative of something that is going on environmentally in Canada, though looking at it without that information you could also say it looks like some kind of abstract painting. Or less of an abstract painting and more of an apocalyptic landscape. I really like that fact that she has moved ahead of just the shock factor of it and gone on to design something that opens people’s eyes on a serious matter.
Though this one piece is just one part to an enormously drool worthy collection.

Image courtesy :
You can know more about the environmental impact here


“WAITING IN THE WINGS” VMAN Magazine issue #16

SHowcasing a new generation of British talent.  Hail the new thespians!

Photographer: Hedi Slimane
Styling: Nicola Formichetti
Text: Lauren Cochrane

· CHRISTIAN COOKE (Trinity, Cemetery Junction)
· JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER (Sweeney Todd, Twilight: New Moon, Harry Potter)
· ALEX PETTYFER (Stormbreaker, Beastly)
· LUKE TREADAWAY (Brothers of the Head, Clash of the Titans)
· DOUGLAS BOOTH (The Pillars of the Earth, star of Burberry campaign)
· THOMAS SANGSTER (Love Actually, Bright Star, Nowhere Boy)
· TOM HUGHES (Trinity, Cemetery Junction)