Make way for Lady Gaga…

Who hasn’t heard of Lady Gaga, known for her outlandish attires. Not only the lady’s a couture freak she knows her fendi’s and manolo’s , i would say. With a team of stylist’s and designers that form the Haus of Gaga, who decide clothes and style her music videos to designing the clothing range creative headed by her . She is the brand that is “IN” today . Loved by designers alike, she was the display window the designers of today wanted for their couture collections.

here are some of her looks that i liked.

Even though outlandish the fact that she still makes sense is what is commendable, boudoir and the lace being the biggest trends for the spring summer has been dramatically put across to her fans by Lady Gaga ,, quite apt i would say. also the grandmother bloomers detail is something that tells the fashion forwardness of the Lady :)

Here  lady gaga wears flower hat by charlie le mindu, face mask by piers atkinson, lace dress by jeffrey bryant

A subtle look of hers, here she wears a knitted dress by Craig Lawrence. this look is so Bollywood i must say it reminds me of  Zeenat Aman, so much .

Another is an old one


Then at grammy’s  Gaga wore five armani outfits out of whcih only was in a good taste.  Like Armani’s moonstruck phase for the couture collection, Gaga also took the space age route.

At the speechless royal variety performance Gaga wore a red rubber gown all with ruffle collars, but what caught my fancy was the daliesque set for the show. What i have seen generally is that Gaga always has these piano’s which are inspired by some artists work, once at her performance she had a piano designed by damien hirst, but this one is the icing on the cake. I simply love the theatricality of it.

what an artist’s way of giving tribute to Dali.

And the last is the or is should say the most buzzed about these days, is the Lady Gaga’s Living Dress inspired by Hussein Chalayan. The dress was unveiled at the liverpool concert. You would have to see it to appreciate the talent of Haus of Gaga. Both the dress and the attached headpiece moved, and it had wings attached!